Retargeting Tactics

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Away.

Ready. Aim. Retarget.

At its core, retargeting (also called remarketing) keeps track of visitors who came to your website but didn’t convert. It then attempts to bring them back by displaying targeted advertising as they visit other sites online. It’s a great way to turn window-shoppers and fence-sitters into new customers. And a great way to re-engage lapsed customers or provide reminders to encourage repeat purchases.

At H2 Digital, we can build you a comprehensive retargeting plan that will help improve your business results. Tactics that we can employ on your behalf include:

  • Website user retargeting – targeting users who have visited and left your website without converting.
  • Email retargeting – targeting users based on an email that they use for multiple platforms. For example, if a customer uses the same email address for their Facebook account as they do for their customer account with you, then we can target them on Facebook even if they aren’t a fan of your business’ Facebook page.
  • Search retargeting – targeting users with online display advertising based on a search query that they’ve made in a search engine.
  • Social media retargeting – We can retarget website users on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Conversely we can target your social media fans with digital display ads.
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